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Traditionally, diversification via combining asset classes and /or securities loosely correlated with each other has been the mainstream of the asset management industry( Mutual fund and PMS). However they suffer from the flaw that the entire portfolio so created, is having positive beta exposure and falls when the market falls, so we do not enjoy diversification benefits when it is most needed. After spending decades in observing markets both practically and academically via rich financial literature, we have come to recognize that the only solution to this problem lies in DERPO – a portfolio of derivatives (futures & options), securities (equity, commodity, currency) with varied strategies designed to exploit one anomaly at a time while shielding the strategy from other exposures.

The concept of DERPO Trading is not at all averse to investing directly in underlying assets like equity or debt but that we intend to devote less funds towards the same.

DERPO is not your regular PORTFOLIO

All of us know how to create a portfolio with Equity, but what makes Derivatives Portfolio even better? Take a look

Equity Portfolio v/s Derivatives Portfolio


Equity Portfolio

Derivatives Portfolio

Low Capital (only margin reqd.)

In Equity Portfolio, the entire price of the shares has to be paid upfront. But, in Derivatives Portfolio, only margin is required to be paid, therefore, requiring Low Capital.

Scope for Adjustments

A Derivatives Portfolio is advantageous over an Equity Portfolio in the sense that Derivatives Portfolio leaves scope for adjusting the trades when the markets move otherwise, thereby maximizing profits. This cannot be done under Equity Portfolio.

Benefit from time lapse

Whenever the market remains stagnant for quite some time, it is not possible to earn through equity, as the stock prices are almost constant. But, derivatives make it easier to earn in such cases with the help of theta decay.

Opportunity in bearish markets

You cannot take Short positions in an Equity Portfolio. On the other hand, Derivatives Portfolio has no restrictions on the same, and you can earn in every scenario, either Bullish, Bearish or Sideways.

Earning from IV changes

Changing IV does not impact Equity Portfolios, but does affect Options Premium, therefore, being significant in earning through Derivatives Portfolio.

Strategy Coverage

Event Driven Strategy

There are several micro and macro events occurring both within the organization and internationally that have varying effects on the markets. Event Driven Strategies are designed to profitably address all of these events.

Volatility Based Strategy

Markets all across the world are volatile. They are always changing and can become quite volatile when there is news or a major event taking place. The IV rises, but not all deals are profitable. In high IV scenarios, volatility-based strategies can help you profit from the markets.

Income Factory

As the name implies, they are strategies that provide a consistent income through numerous aspects such as theta decay, etc. These strategies aid in generating non-recurring sustained profits.

Pair Trading through Options

We've all heard of and tried pair trading in equity and futures, whether between competitors in the same or other industries. However, pair trading with options can be quite profitable if the strategies are used appropriately.

Result Based Strategy

Companies announce their quarterly results, and the markets begin to buzz in anticipation of the news. When traded strategically, this can be a terrific opportunity to earn. This category has the perfect strategies for such cases.

Riskless Directional Strategy

Directional methods have a risk-reward based on your estimates. If your prediction is true, you win; otherwise, you lose. We present you strategies in this category to shield you from losses when the direction goes against you

Investment type Options Strategy

Whenever we talk about investments, the first thing that comes to our minds is Equity. But, did you know, it is possible to generate huge profits from investing in Options also? This category of strategies will help you understand how.

Intra-Index Strategy

Just like most of us trade in options using just a single index, this category contains strategies that can be deployed using two highly correlated indexes, to benefit out of them.

Leveraged Strategy

When used correctly, high margins are not just threatening, but extremely rewarding too. This category contains such strategies where leveraging can be turned to be beneficial.

High Risk-High Reward Strategy

Just like most of the traders do not like taking risks, there are a few, who do not mind risks, if rewarded correctly. This category is suitable for such non-risk averse traders, who like to take more risks to earn more profits.

Intra-Expiry Strategy:

There are multiple ways to make money from trading in strategies that have legs from different expiries or, from different strategies.

Investments Profit Booster Strategy

We are certain, while investing in equity, that we will earn from dividends and also profit from increase in the price of the shares. But, it is also possible to magnify such profits with the help of options. This category contains strategies for the same.

Learning Pathway

Learning Path of each strategy covered in Derpo will undergo the following process

Adjustments are the heart of Options Trading!

ADJUSTMENTS! The only word that matters the most in the world of options trading. No matter what strategy you deploy, you CANNOT earn profits until and unless you know how to adjust your trades. No matter how harsh I sound, a fact is a fact. This is what my experience has taught me. You may have earned profits without adjustments once or twice, but knowledge pays more than luck! you cannot earn without adjusting every single time. You have to know how to adjust in case the markets move otherwise. If someone considers making money from options without adjustments, he is just in some dreamy land and not on Earth. Adjustments are the single most important part of trading in Options.

Tackle unstable Markets

If market conditions change, the original strategy may no longer be optimal, and adjustments may be needed to adapt to the new environment.

Clasp your Profits

If a position has already made a profit, adjustments can be made to lock in some of the gains or to reduce the risk of loss.

Risks need to be regulated

Adjustments can be made to reduce the risk of loss or to limit potential losses.

Magnifying Returns

Adjustments can be made to increase the potential returns of a position or to take advantage of market opportunities.

Tackling unforeseen mishaps

Unexpected news or events can cause the underlying stock or index to move sharply, making adjustments necessary to manage risk or take advantage of the new market conditions.

Rolling over positions

Adjustments can involve rolling a position forward to a later expiration date or to a different strike price to continue the strategy.


Adjustments can be made to hedge a position or to take advantage of a hedging opportunity.

Scrubbing Forecasts

It is not always necessary that the market forecasts turn out to be correct. One may enter a trade forecasting the market in one direction and the market may move otherwise. Only Adjustments come to rescue the trades in such cases.

Why Derpo + Team Trading?

Candidates enrolling for DERPO need to have a prior complete knowledge of Futures & Options and Options Greeks.

Derpo is a program designed to give you an insight on various strategies according to various twists and turns that the market can take. It is a program in which one gets to know all the necessary details and adjustments required to make a trade profitable under different personal and market scenarios.

SSEI is developing a portal called "Team Trading," where traders can join and share their trades and the logic behind taking those trades. Members of Team Trading can learn from each other. They can follow other members and engage with each other. The purpose of this platform is to facilitate learning among its members. This is not an advisory portal or service. Each trader has a different trading style and risk appetite. Members can follow other members based on their trading style. Team Trading portal is purely for educational purposes. It's like a forum for traders

We have already begun the registration process for the Team Trading Portal. You can become a member of the upcoming Team Trading by registering yourself. Your subscription will commence from the day the portal becomes operational. As soon as the portal is ready, we will notify registered members and proceed to onboard them."

Our Experienced Mentors

Learn not just from the teachers but also from the Traders who have experienced and successfully tackled every rock that the market has thrown at them.

Sanjay Saraf Sir

Mr. Sanjay Saraf Sir has been an educator since he was a high school student himself. In his professional capacity, he has been imparting education in the field of finance, for both domestic and international courses for the past 25 years

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Guddu Kumar Sir

Mr. G.K. Shaw Sir, is an experienced Derivative Analyst and trader with an experience of over 10 years. Learning from the book of life, he has trained more than 10,000 students on the derivatives market, still counting.

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Key Takeways

Flexible learning options, expert instructors, and practical strategies to help you master trading, futures & options, and the stock market.

Advanced Strategies -

The first and most important part of constructing a Derivatives Portfolio is building the strategies. In this program, you will learn about some of the advanced strategies that have proved beneficial and profitable in the current market scenarios.

Adjustments Techniques -

Knowing just the strategies won’t help since the market keeps changing every minute. You may enter a trade under one scenario and the very next hour it may go completely different. Here, adjustments come to play and save the trades. In this program, our main focus is not just on the Strategies but also on the adjustments that help in managing the trades and tackling every stone that the market throws at us

Rescale Existing Trades -

The existing trades may perform better and give higher returns when more capital is injected to it. But, there is a time and way to do it or it can all go in vain.

Nurture Successful Trades -

A trade, once profitable, will not necessarily stay the same. Market will change, scenarios will alter and so will the trade. So, it is very important to manage the trades in such a way, that the returns remain majorly unaffected, come what may.

Retain adequate Margins -

Options Trading requires margins for the trades to take place, to make adjustments, and a minimum required margin as well. But, it isn't so easy as to just keep some margin aside. Playing with margins and avoiding penalties requires the knowledge of proper techniques.

Strategy Profiling -

Graphs can be tricky. The skill of reading the pay-off graphs accurately to understand and calculate the strategy, the steps that need to be taken, is very important to learn.

Profitably survive high volatility -

A highly Volatile market has a lot of potential to hamper the trades in such a way that it can't be undone. It is very necessary that one can take the proper and accurate steps to survive such a situation profitably.

Jointly Govern numerous trades -

A person may, with his capital, enter numerous trades at a given time. It requires accurate judgment, skill and art to manage all of them successfully, maintaining margins, keeping the trades safe and coming out of them profitably.

Successfully tackle Low IV markets -

There are different strategies for different market scenarios, like high IV, low IV, etc.

Skill up as a Pro- Firefighter -

Fires happen in the markets as well, when the trades enter the risky zone. Firefighters (traders), need to be skillful to be able to put out such fires and bring the trades back to the profit zones.

Boost Probability of profits -

Profitability zones can be increased or decreased according to the decisions we make. The probability of profits can be increased with the help of adjustments, when done correctly.

Self- Discipline -

It need not be said, how easy it is to fall into the traps of greed and impatience, once someone starts earning profits. It is just as easy to lose all you have, if carried away with such emotions. It takes discipline and control to avoid such mishaps, doing which is not as easy as it sounds.


  • Have a prior basic knowledge of Futures & Options and Options Greeks.
  • Should have explored the Options’ practical trading.
  • Should have basic knowledge of how the derivatives market works.
  • Should have the skills to analyze derivatives data.
  • Should be aware of different tools and softwares required in options trading.
  • Should have knowledge of basic options strategies.

You need to have a complete grasp on all of the above for a smooth and better learning in Derpo.
If you lack the eligibility criteria, we have designed a comprehensive course, F&O Simplified, which covers all the basic knowledge you’ll need, to be eligible for the Derpo Program.


Take a step forward towards becoming ‘AATMA-NIRBHAR’

Sanjay Saraf Sir


Session Schedule

3rd Dec 2023 to 12 Dec 2023

Early Bird Pricing ending 15 st Nov 2023

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Fees Structure


Early Bird (Up Till 15th November, 2023)

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Derpo + 3 months Team Trading Membership



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Derpo + 1 year Team Trading Membership



All the above mentioned Team Trading Memberships’ validity will begin on January 1, 2024

# All the old-batch Derpo students will get a flat Rs. 3000 discount on registration. For discount code, share your details on: 9434434455 (WhatsApp only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it possible to earn money through options in every market scenario?

YES, in every market scenario, low or high IV, volatile or non-volatile, it is possible to earn money from options, provided, you have the necessary skill set to analyse the scenario, decide upon the strategy and then, adjust those strategies according to the movement of the market. Also, it is not necessary that when you enter a market scenario - friendly strategy, you are just simply going to earn money. I repeat, adjustments are necessary to manage the trades to earn profits.

2) Is it assured that the strategies taught in Derpo will never lead to losses?

There is not a single trader in the world who has not suffered losses. If one thinks he'll learn strategies from some program and then never suffer loss, he has a very wrong mindset. The correct mindset for trading is to minimize losses and maximise profits. Losses cannot be avoided but can surely be minimised. So, Derpo doesn't guarantee complete emission of losses, but surely promises to teach you how to minimize your losses and maximise your profits.

3) Is Derpo for full-time traders?

Who is a full-time trader? One who sits in front of the screen all day to trade? Or one who takes trades but doesn't sit in front of the market all day long? Both, right? It doesn't matter who watches screens for how long as long as they are able to make money from it. Derpo covers strategies for all such people. No matter if you take intra-day trades , positional trades, want to invest through options, have a 9-5 job, are active or passive traders or are retired - Derpo covers you all!

4) How much ROI can you expect from the strategies taught in this program?

Options Trading should be looked upon as a business. Just like any other business, you cannot expect overnight returns here too. F&O Trading is risky but if someone do risk management than he/she can earn normal return.

5) Can we scale our positions?

If, today you are working on a strategy with a limited capital today, and you know your capital would increase in the near term, you would want strategies that allow you for the same, right? What is the point of deploying such risky strategies with low capital, that you would never risk with high capital? That is just timepass and not real trading! In Derpo, we teach you strategies that are capital friendly. It means that these strategies can be managed with both low as well as high capital. You can keep putting in money as and when your capital increases.

6) Will you get recordings or backups of the DERPO Program?

Recordings will be available for 3 months after the program.

7) Which devices can you use to attend this program?

This workshop can only be attended only on our inbuilt app ULURN which will run on a Windows Laptop or Android phone ONLY. This workshop can NOT be attended from any iOs device.

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